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Nicole Astalos, The Shannon Rose Irish Pub, New Jersey

Nicole A Shannon Rose

"Working at Doherty has been a great experience, the people and the work environment are why is it great to work at the Shannon Rose!"

Jennifer Biancaniello, Noodles & Company, Long Island NY

jennifer Nood

“Working at Noodles and Company is like working with your family. It's a fast paced environment, but at the end of the day, you work well together and have fun while doing it. The best part is that your Noodles family is always there for you.”

Joshua Colon, Noodles & Company, Long Island NY

josh 2

“Working for Doherty is working somewhere where you feel they care for your development and life.”

Robert DeMello, Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant, New Jersey

Rob De Mello

"If you have a passion for food, good drinks and a great work environment, Chevy’s is the place for you!"

Brian McAllister, Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas, New Jersey

Brian McA Spuntino

"Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas is a wonderful place to work, the environment is fast paced and exciting. We are constantly involved in new projects every week,it is a wonderful combination of having the structure of a large company and the feel of a family run business."

Sam Tecchio, Quaker Steak and Lube, New Jersey

Sam Tecchio GM QSL Brick

"I have worked for Doherty Enterprises since 2000 and wouldn’t change a year. If you are looking for a company that treats their people like have found it.
Great Leadership with tons of opportunities."

Kevin Micsion, Shannon Rose Irish Pub, New Jersey

Kevin M. SR

"The Shannon Rose is a high energy Irish Pub and the best of its kind. It is a great place to meet new friends ad network with people. It is a great place to work, great food and a wonderful atmosphere straight from Ireland."

James Barrett, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

James Barrett

"I really enjoy working at Panera Bread. It is a wonderful company to work for. My only regret is that I wish I started 5 years earlier when my friend told me about the opportunity and I didn’t wait."

Lauren Brown, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

lauren brown

"There is no other company more prominent than Doherty Enterprises. This company aids in surpassing achievements and career advancement. Panera Bread represents a vision and provides opportunities to promote individual success, which is essential to our being."

Kim Braithwaite, Applebee's, Miami Florida

Kim Braithwaite

"I have worked at Applebee’s for 5 years. This has been a fantastic career path and the company provides opportunity for growth with great pay and benefits!"

Dimitri Meleounis, The Shannon Rose Irish Pub, New Jersey

"What I love most about Doherty Enterprises is their recognition of hard work. It's the kind of company that helps you build a career and sense of accomplishment."

Dimitri Meleounis

Marina Nese, Applebee's, New Jersey

Marina Nese

"I have been working for Doherty Enterprises for over 19 years and they continue to help me grow and be successful."

Noel Brooks, Chevy's, New Jersey

Noel Brooks

"Working for Doherty is a great way to move up in your career and grow within an excellent company, You are not just an employee, you are treated like a human being and recognized for all your achievements."

Sam Tecchio, Quaker Steak & Lube, New Jersey

Sam Tecchio GM QSL Brick

"I have worked for Doherty Enterprises since 2000 and wouldn’t change a year. If you are looking for a company that treats their people like family…you have found it."

"Great Leadership with tons of opportunities!"

Sara Mraz, Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas, New Jersey

Sara Mraz Manager Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas Clifton

"Doherty is by far the best restaurant group to work for! With 17 years in the restaurant business my last 3 years with Doherty there is no one else I would rather work for. Working for Doherty you feel like you are part of the family and in this business that is a rarity."

Andrew Palmer, Applebee's, Long Island NY

Andy Palmer

"Every Applebee's I have ever stepped foot in has always felt like being part of a family. Front of house, back of house, and everyone in between the team comes together to provide the best guess service we can. All the while laughing together. To those who are thinking of joining the Applebee's/Doherty team, be prepared for one of the most challenging jobs you will ever encounter. The people here work hard and take a great deal of pride in what we do, and expect you do the same."

Derek Guzman, Applebee's, Long Island NY

Derek Guzman

"Doherty is a company that is always moving forward. Always trying to be at the forefront of innovation in the casual dining department. The support that is given from the leadership at the top of our company gets filtered down all the way to our hourly employees to make everyone feel valued. Your integrity and hard work can carry you far in the company. The dedication to "WOW" is not an understatement. Whether it's within our four walls, with our suppliers, or being a part of our community, Doherty strives to be the best at delivering the "WOW" experience all the time."

Keri Stephan, Panera, Long Island NY

Keri Stephan

"I like to work at Panera because the positive energy always makes my day better. Working side by side with everyone gives you the sense that we are all family. I would tell someone who wants to work here that there are great opportunities that you can grow from and different paths that will benefit your life."

Stephanie Scrocco, Jeff Panera, Long Island NY

Stephanie Scrocco

"I love Panera Bread - the hard working team we have, the atmosphere, and we get to meet new people every day. When you think of Panera Bread you think of freshly baked bread and pastries - which brings back memories of that Sunday morning cinnamon roll and the cookies you put out for Santa Claus. I enjoy everything associated with that. I love my job and I love that I get to make this place an oasis for people."

Dulce Vargas, Panera, Long Island NY

Dulce Vargas

"I love working at Panera, everyone is so nice here."

Peter LeTellier, Panera, Long Island NY

Peter LeTellier

"What I like about working at Panera is the flexibility and the hours that they are able to work with you. Also, here at Panera, they are willing to train you to go forward with this career with many opportunities."

Irene Olguin, Panera, Long Island NY

Irene Olguin

"I like Panera Bread because if feels like my second home. Like my family."

Karen Walker, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

Karen Walker

"Panera is a great place to work, a comfortable environment, and customers are always friendly and delighted to come and get a good meal from our professional staff."

Ray Worley, Applebee's, Florida


"Doherty Enterprises is the greatest organization and group of people that I have had the pleasure of working with in my entire restaurant career. Truly a “Wow their people” company."

Melissa DeArmas, Applebee's, Florida


"I have been working at Applebee’s for almost a year and I love my job. I have learned so many new things."

Silvia Martinez, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

silvia photo 2

“I like working at Panera because of the flexible hours they provide. And I really like the clean food!”

Valerie Ramirez, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

Valerie photo 1

“I enjoy the environment at Panera, and I love to make people smile when I serve them their food”

Tammi Rivera, Spuntino Wine Bar, New Jersey

Tammi Rivera Server Spuntino Clifton2.jpgbbb

"Spuntino is a Fun, Friendly, professional Atmosphere!"

Jillian Sinski, Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas, New Jersey

Jillian Sinski Bartender Spuntino Clifton 2.jpg222

"Spuntino is a Fun environment with great food & lots of regular guests we get to know like famiglia!"

Ronald Johnson, Spuntino Wine Bar, Long Island NY

Ronald Johnson GM Spuntino Westbury LI2.jpg22

"Just joined the Spuntino Team and the people that I have worked with in training and have been with the Company totally enjoy working here!"

Samuel Rodriguez, Spuntino Wine Bar, New Jersey

Samual Rodriguez Line Cook Spuntino Clifton 2

"I love working here because everyone is friendly and happy."

Joe Johnson & Jessica Frederick, Applebee's, Treasure Coast Fl



"We Love Applebee's because of the great food, great atmosphere and wonderful place to grow."


Bryan Aloia, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


"My favorite part about this job is my team. They are truly my family".

Bryan A

Ryan newton, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


" I love working at Panera because of the relationships I get to build with my co-workers and my customers."

Mennaksha "Meena" Ramsammy , Panera Bread, Long Island NY


"I like working at Panera Bread because I get to meet different people every day. And it is a fun and friendly environment to work in."

Marvin Villafuere, Panera Bread, Queens NY


"I enjoy working for Doherty Enterprises because of the benefits they provide and they reward us for good performance."

Marissa Carrea, Applebee's, New Jersey

Marissa Carrea1

"Applebee's is an awesome place to work! From the guests to the managers, everyone is so nice and warming. Work is fun, it does not feel like a job."

Kristen Baisinger, Applebee's, New Jersey

Kristen Basinger 1

"I love working at Applebee's because it is fun, everyday is a new learning experience and I love being part of a team. That's what we are here is a team!"

Jesus Galeana, Applebee's, New Jersey

Jesus Galeana

"I like working for Applebee's because it is a good company and they have given me a lot of opportunities to grow!"

Miguel Tecalero, Applebee's, New Jersey


"I like to work here because the people are nice!"

Deanna Gerst, Applebee's, Miami Fl

Deanna Gerst

"I love to be able to create lasting emotional bonds with our guests."

Tim Summers, Applebee's, Miami

Tim Summers


"The best move I have ever made! Doherty has given me the opportunity to not only grow professionally, but to grow personally as well. A better father, husband, and manager, what more could I ask for."

Shelby Martin, Applebee's, Miami Fl



"I like working at Applebee's because I like to greet the guests and make them feel welcomed! I also like it because its fast money. When I was in High School I needed a job for a program called DCT and I have been working at Applebee's ever since!"

Cassandra Blake, Applebee's, Miami Fl



I’ve been with Applebee’s 13 years! I love working with people! Applebee’s not only allows me to provide for my family but gives me the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with our regular guests who know and ask for me by name.”

Brittany Keeney, Applebee's, Miami Florida


“I love working for Doherty Applebee’s! From taking excellent care of their employees to providing a career path. I couldn’t ask for a better company to excel my career with.”

Tiffany Blocker, Applebee's, Georgia


"I have been employed with Doherty Applebee's for six months. I enjoy working with Doherty Applebee's for many reasons, the most significant to me are; flexible scheduling, teamwork, and hands on management. Flexible scheduling allows me to be involved with my sons school, sports and other activities. Team work is very important in the restaurant industry and Doherty pursues employees that are teamwork oriented. The management is absolutely wonderful, understanding, hands on, attentive and very dedicated. I look forward to pursuing my career with Doherty Enterprises and this great team."

Norman Himmel, Applebee's, Florida


"I have worked for Applebee’s since January 2015. I love working for this company because of the bonds the company creates with all of the staff."

Michael Lewis, Applebee's, Georgia



"If you love to win, Doherty Enterprises is the place for you! At Doherty you're given genuine support, diverse tools, and you'll be surrounded by the hardest working team in the industry."

Andrew Papocchia, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


10.6 1

"I like working at Panera because of the people I work with. Everyone is very nice and the managers are the best."





Ryan Blazo, Panera Bread, Long Island NY



"I love working at Panera because the management team is very supportive of their associates and very caring, making it a fun environment to work in."