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Cory transitioned to the Doherty team from the Gator Apple acquisition. He began his career as a server and bartender but quickly excelled and worked his way up the ranks to manager.

Cory’s personal experience in BOH and FOH has made him a well-rounded asset to his Applebee’s team. His experience in the restaurant industry can be seen in his management and communication style. Cory’s knowledge of each area has allowed him to become a teammate, teacher, and role model. He takes pride in coaching and mentoring his staff. Cory is highly respected by his team.

Cory has worked very hard on connecting with guests and WOW-ing them with excellent service. He always remains positive and upbeat even in the most stressful situations. Cory’s hard work, dedication to impeccable service and keen eye for detail has earned him this leadership role at Applebee’s.

Please join us in congratulating Cory on his new position of Senior Manager.

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