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Eric joined the Doherty team in 2014 as a Manager at our Port Jefferson location.

In 2016, Eric was a key player in the successful rollout of Panera 2.0 in our North Babylon café. He has truly been a team player who is always willing to dive in and help out. Adaptable and hard-working, Eric always leads his team by example. He is a take charge individual, motivator to his staff, and spec driven. Eric is consistently looking to learn new skills and dedicates himself to following through on his own training and development.

Eric does an excellent job at providing a great experience for guests. He is very good at connecting on a personal level and WOW-ing every guest, every time. Eric demonstrates an unwavering commitment to product quality and holds his team to the same standard.

Please join us in congratulating Eric on his promotion to Assistant General Manager!

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