Book Release of Betsy Did It

Last night, November 4, 2017, Gateway House Publishing hosted the release of Patricia Prevosti's new children's book Betsy Did It. The release party was held at Applebee's in Wall, NJ. Let me start by saying WOW! I've always enjoyed the family atmosphere that Applebee's portrays, but leading up to this event and throughout the evening, I really got to see how committed the staff and company proved to be in efforts to provide a well-planned and organized event that benefits the surrounding community.  I'd like to thank Meredith who holds the title of GM. She truly could not have been any more accommodating from the first time we spoke through the end of the event.  I would like to also thank the hosts, servers, and bar staff who so kindly interacted with us and genuinely shared our event with patrons who walked  in the door for dinner.

Patricia Prevosti, author, one of her first signings


Congratulations to Patricia Prevosti on a dream come true. She told me that last night was a blur in the sense that a dream came true.  She had a smile on her face all night, and I'm so glad to have helped her get to this point.  Attendees consisted of family, friends, children, educators, and curious community members.  Patty had the opportunity to chat with our guests and sign their books. Her first public reading was a huge success. Children and adults were equally engaged and her support system had cameras flashing left and right.  
Patricia Prevosti reading Betsy Did It ​for the first time to the public.
The success of the event was very clear.  From a publisher's standpoint, I had a number in my head as to how many people I though would attend this local event and how many copies of the book would be purchased.  Well, I should not be surprised that those expectations were far exceeded.  We sold more than double the amount of books that I had thought would be purchased.  Betsy Did It is so much more than just a book.  It is filled with inspiration.  The release of this book is just the beginning of a big adventure ahead.  
We have been receiving requests for readings of Betsy Did It at local schools, stores, and for Girl Scout Troops.  

Betsy's Fan Club

Blake Ridgeway, age 4 of Toms River
We are here to facilitate an influential model that all children are unique learners.  As stated in Betsy Did It, "We all have special gifts to share."
Children will become part of Betsy's Fan Club.  Parents and educators will connect with Patricia Prevosti and Gateway House Publishing in efforts to let their children SHINE! We will share all of our little stars and their special gifts so children can encourage one another and build a widely-known positive environment which we would like to see in many different places around the world. 
Laura Grodzinski of Toms River with her children Asher, age 6 months & Ella, age 4 years

Share the Story

As we approach our next steps of sharing this story with the world, we ask you to share your experience! Have you read it? Do you plan to order a copy? Are you a parent? Maybe, you're a teacher and have read it to your classroom? We want to hear all about it! Please, leave us a comment.
Interested in ordering a copy?
Amy Ridgeway, owner of Gateway House Publishing (left)
Patricia Prevosti, author of Betsy Did It​ (right)