Career Testimonials

Adam Czatoryski, Long Island, Panera Bread

Adam Czatoryski

"I really enjoyed my training and the process. On my orientation day I thought I would be a bit overwhelmed with all that I would be learning, but I was quickly put at ease. The training is a lot to cover, however the program does a great job of breaking it down into small manageable bits. I felt completely supported by both the associates and the training team.

A fun fact about me: I'm an avid runner and am setting a goal to complete 1 race a month for a year!"

Jacob Russel, Florida, Applebee's


"I started at Applebees 4 years ago. I enjoy meeting so many people while preparing and serving great food!!"

Makalah Williams, Long Island, Panera Bread


“I just recently started working here almost four months ago and I really enjoy it. I am always recognized for my hard work and it makes me feel appreciated. It makes me feel good when customers are happy with my service."

Jessica Bonati, Long Island, Panera Bread


“I love working at Panera Bread. I’ve been here a few years now and it’s a great atmosphere here. I have so much fun with my co-workers and love putting a smile on my customers faces!”

Michael Mall, Long Island, Panera Bread

Michael Mall.JPG

"I like working for Doherty Enterprises because of the culture they created. Also, the fact that they allow managers to take an "ownership" role in our cafes keeps me motivated and engaged. The work is fulfilling and the people are fantastic."

Craig Alkin, Quaker Steak and Lube, New Jersey

Craig Alkin.jpg

“If you told me 10 years ago I would be working with some of the best people in the restaurant industry, I wouldn't believe you. I'm living proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams. One of the greatest accomplishments in my life is becoming a Doherty Enterprises employee. I wake up every day and just can't wait to get to work and I believe everyone should feel that way about their job!”

Haley Wager, Applebee's, Florida

Haley Wager

"WOW…Applebees has been such a fun-filled adventure for me. I started working here in 2018. Everyone is treated f they were family. I am very proud To be part of the Applebees family”

Caroline Romero, Doherty Enterprises, New Jersey

Caroline Romero

"From starting as a Marketing Intern to becoming a Marketing Manager, I am grateful for the relationships I have made at Doherty Enterprises as well as the abundance of knowledge I've gained working here. I have incredible mentors and co-workers who challenge me while also pushing me to become better every day. I look forward to growing within the company and to WOW our people with our marketing!"

Kelsey Wilson, Applebee's, Florida


Kelsey Wilson

"Doherty is a great company to work for! They believe in their teams and provide all they can to further their careers. We are all about teamwork and maintaining relationships with all employees. I am reaching 4 years with Applebee’s and I am still as happy as I was when I first started."

Greg Ceramello, Panera, New York

Greg 1

"Working for Doherty Enterprises for 15 years there are several things I have been able to see firsthand and to say I’ve been WOWed is an understatement. It has been amazing to see the growth of the Panera brand on Long Island and in the boroughs. The mission statement at Doherty and concept essence and cultural values of Panera truly align to make the Doherty/Panera partnership a company you can truly be proud to work for. Doherty employs the best people, what can I say about the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis and all the support from upper management and our office staff, this is what makes Doherty special and the best company I have ever had the privilege of working for."

Angelica Santucci, Panera Bread, New York


"From the moment I joined the Doherty Team, I felt at home. I got a real sense that the company cares for its people. I love that my job gives me the opportunity to get to know the people working hard at multiple cafes and I love the Community Outreach I get to do to spread the word about Panera Catering. Through networking and Sponsoring events, I have a great opportunity to represent a brand/company I am proud of. Company Outings like the Softball Game or Fishing Trip are great opportunities to get to know the people we work with outside the walls of a café. I would recommend Doherty any day!"

Alexandra Crujeiras, Doherty Enterprises, New Jersey

Alex Cru

"Starting out as a Marketing Intern in August 2018 gave me the opportunity to kick start my career in Marketing! I am now a full-time employee in the Marketing Department and my experience here has been amazing to say the least. I have felt right at home here and part of the team since day one, and that’s all thanks to the environment Doherty has to offer. I’m excited to see what the rest of my career brings at Doherty and look forward to the experience and knowledge there is yet to gain."


Frank Zito, Applebee's, Florida


"The Training experience and the Training Team at Applebee’s Sarasota are amazing. It is more than I expected from a training program."

Quentin Hayden, Applebee's, Florida


"I have been with the company going on for 3 years. I currently work in Naples location and I love working for Doherty Enterprises. They are the best company you can choose to work for and they really care about their employees from hourly to salary."



Evan Jones, Doherty Enterprises, New Jersey


"As a Human Resources intern at Doherty Enterprises, I have had the opportunity to begin exploring a professional area of interest. During my first week, I already had already begun performing meaningful work and feel like a valued member of the team. I am excited to continue working with the Human Resources Team for the summer and expanding my capabilities, learning more about the business, and working to professionally develop."

Dawn Miller, Applebee's, Florida

Dawn Miller

“I feel this is a company that I can learn and grow with. It’s fun and exciting to get to work with great people.”

Manny Montalvo, Panera Bread, Long Island

Manny Montalvo

“I love working for Doherty Enterprises because I feel like part of the family. Great work atmosphere, and well-managed company!”

Bryan Booth, Applebee's, Florida

Bryan Booth

"I have been with Doherty over 4 years. Worked in numerous locations with multiple GMs all who taught and helped me to move up the ranks. Doherty has taken care of my career and my family better than anyone could imagine."

Nick Dellamanna, Applebee's, New Jersey

Nick Headshot

“The company has helped me grow over the last 6 years with help from great managers and the training department. I hope to continue to grow my career with Doherty.”

Mary Ogno, Panera Bread, Riverhead NY

Mary Headshot

“A big draw to Doherty for me personally is the investment they make in their employees. It is so encouraging to me, a new manager at Panera, to see the progression of growth of other managers previous to me, and the retention the company has from promoting within.”

Julia Ulczak, Doherty Enterprises

Julia Headshot 

"Being an intern at Doherty Enterprises, the company has allowed me to release my creativity while being educated by top-notch professionals. I have been welcomed as part of the HR team by being able to contribute in team meetings, take part in our Annual Service Awards Dinner and flourish in my career path by being exposed to multi-facets of Human Resources!"

Jacqui Wood, Applebee’s, Florida

 Jacqui Wood

"I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary and love my job as much as when I first started. This restaurant has become my second family. It is a fun and exciting environment."

Shannon Cucinotta, Applebee’s, New York


I love the fast paced part of the restaurant industry and love that Doherty always gives back to the communities we serve.

Luba Syroizhko, Applebee’s, Florida


“Restaurants bring you different challenges daily as well as the opportunity you get to meet and WOW so many people. I like being busy and this is fast paced, challenging and very rewarding. With the Doherty group you are recognized for your work and encouraged to grow and advance. When you work for this company you get involved in supporting the local community both inside and outside the restaurant.”

Audrey Pittman, Applebee's, Florida

 Audrey Pittman

"I have worked for Applebee’s for over 7 years. I love it because they are my second family."


Chris Gracia, Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas, New York

 Chris G

“I absolutely love this company. It is a fantastic work environment.”

Zayna Clements, Applebee’s, New Jersey


“Applebee’s & Doherty has always had a very warm, welcoming environment and team. Being a part of not only Applebee’s, but also Doherty has given me so many opportunities and learning experiences I will have with me wherever the future takes me.”

Sean O’Rourke, Applebee’s, Florida

 Sean ORourke

“I love working for Doherty because they really value the opinions of all that work for them. It truly is a family atmosphere and I feel valued for what I contribute.”

Shannon McGuire, Panera Bread, New York


“I love working at Panera. Everyone is one big Family!”

Carmen Ramirez, Applebee's, New Jersey


"I am a Prep Cook at Applebee's and I have been here for two years and I really like the people I work with and the job is awesome!"

Michael Cardazone, Applebee's, New Jersey


"I'm a Bartender with Applebee's going on 13 years! I love working at Applebee’s for many reasons. I work with great people, and the flexibility of my schedule has allowed me to make great money and do so many awesome things."

Sonia Gonzalez, Applebee's, New Jersey


"I've been a Prep Cook at Applebee’s for two years, I love the people and the job!"

Darnick Lewis, Applebee's, Florida


"I have worked at Applebee’s for 6 years and this company is amazing. From employees to managers our company not only cares, but also listens. They care 100% of the time and I am very happy to be part of that. I have learned so much and my only regret is I did not find this company earlier. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!"

Mike Kane, Applebee's, Florida


"I have been with Applebee’s for 4 ½ years. I am very impressed with the company overall and the opportunities they provide for me are outstanding. I look forward to working here for many more years."

Janei Harris, Applebee's, Florida


"I have been at Doherty Applebee’s for over 1 year starting in New Jersey and now working in Florida while attending college. My experience has been amazing and what I like most is this is a great place to grow as an individual and be part of a great team. I would recommend Applebee’s for employment if you are looking for an amazing atmosphere and like being part of a family!"


Rigoberto Magallors, Applebee's, Florida


"Applebee’s is a great place to work. My co-workers are fun and like family and always make sure you are happy. Our guests become friends and come back for the food they love and the service."


Melissa Rios, Applebee’s, New Jersey

Melissa Rios

"Great company, love working with all the people and Managers!"

Jeff Garza, Quaker Steak and Lube, New Jersey


"I have been a loyal part of the Doherty Family for over 15 years because the Doherty Family has always been loyal to me!"

Brian Lester, Applebee's, Florida


I have been with Applebee’s for over 8 years. Aside from the great opportunity it provides financially I also come in contact with many great people. I really enjoy talking and greeting our guests.

Melissa Van de Bogart , Applebee's, Fort Myers Florida


"I love working for Doherty! The staff is warm and helpful. All of my bosses have taught me so much throughout my time here. Working here makes me want to come to work and I hope to stay for a very long time."

Eva Rodriguez, Applebee's, Jacksonville Florida


"I have been working at Applebee’s for 18 years. I truly enjoy knowing and serving our guests and fellow team members. Looking forward to celebrating 20 years soon!"

Shad Samuel, Applebee's, Line Cook


"Because it’s fair and interesting place to work, I am allowed to give me all and excel to my fullest potential and move up and grow as an individual."

Kevin Hill, Applebee's, Bartender


"I have been with the company for almost five years and what I like about the job is the people I work with and learning new things every day."


Miguel Marrero, Panera Bread, Brooklyn/Queens NY


“Joining Doherty/Panera Bread has been an awesome experience, great training as well as the opportunities the company has to offer.”


Chris Robinson, Applebee's, Florida

Torusunto Robinson

“Doherty breeds a culture of winning and I want to be on the winning team.”

Chris Wilk, Applebee's, Florida


“I love working for Doherty because I believe in Ed and that he cares about his team. Also, getting to be involved in community events to help others is an amazing feeling. Great company!”