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Chris Gracia, Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas, Long Island NY

 Chris G

“I absolutely love this company. It is a fantastic work environment.”

Zayna Clements, Applebee’s, New Jersey


“Applebee’s & Doherty has always had a very warm, welcoming environment and team. Being a part of not only Applebee’s, but also Doherty has given me so many opportunities and learning experiences I will have with me wherever the future takes me.”

Sean O’Rourke, Applebee’s, Jacksonville, Florida

 Sean ORourke

“I love working for Doherty because they really value the opinions of all that work for them. It truly is a family atmosphere and I feel valued for what I contribute.”

Shannon McGuire, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


“I love working at Panera. Everyone is one big Family!”

Carmen Ramirez, Applebee's, New Jersey

Carmen Ramirez Apples Milltown Prep cook

"I am a Prep Cook at Applebee's and I have been here for two years and I really like the people I work with and the job is awesome!"

Michael Cardazone, Applebee's, New Jersey

Michael Cardazone Bar Milltown

"I'm a Bartender with Applebee's going on 13 years! I love working at Applebee’s for many reasons. I work with great people, and the flexibility of my schedule has allowed me to make great money and do so many awesome things."

Sonia Gonzalez, Applebee's, New Jersey

Sonia Gonzalez Apples Milltown prep cook

"I've been a Prep Cook at Applebee’s for two years, I love the people and the job!"

Darnick Lewis, Applebee's, Florida


"I have worked at Applebee’s for 6 years and this company is amazing. From employees to managers our company not only cares, but also listens. They care 100% of the time and I am very happy to be part of that. I have learned so much and my only regret is I did not find this company earlier. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!"

Mike Kane, Applebee's, Florida

 Mike Kane

"I have been with Applebee’s for 4 ½ years. I am very impressed with the company overall and the opportunities they provide for me are outstanding. I look forward to working here for many more years."

Janei Harris, Applebee's, Florida

 Janei Harris

"I have been at Doherty Applebee’s for over 1 year starting in New Jersey and now working in Florida while attending college. My experience has been amazing and what I like most is this is a great place to grow as an individual and be part of a great team. I would recommend Applebee’s for employment if you are looking for an amazing atmosphere and like being part of a family!"


Rigoberto Magallors, Applebee's, Florida

 Rigoberto Magallors

"Applebee’s is a great place to work. My co-workers are fun and like family and always make sure you are happy. Our guests become friends and come back for the food they love and the service."


Melissa Rios, Applebee’s, New Jersey

Melissa Rios

"Great company, love working with all the people and Managers!"

Jeff Garza, Quaker Steak and Lube, New Jersey

Jeff Garza QSL Manager

"I have been a loyal part of the Doherty Family for over 15 years because the Doherty Family has always been loyal to me!"

Brian Lester, Applebee's, Florida

 Brian Lester

I have been with Applebee’s for over 8 years. Aside from the great opportunity it provides financially I also come in contact with many great people. I really enjoy talking and greeting our guests.

Melissa Van de Bogart , Applebee's, Fort Myers Florida

Melissa V 1 002

"I love working for Doherty! The staff is warm and helpful. All of my bosses have taught me so much throughout my time here. Working here makes me want to come to work and I hope to stay for a very long time."

Eva Rodriguez, Applebee's, Jacksonville Florida

 Eva Rodriguez 003

"I have been working at Applebee’s for 18 years. I truly enjoy knowing and serving our guests and fellow team members. Looking forward to celebrating 20 years soon!"

Shad Samuel, Applebee's, Line Cook

Shad Samuel Totowa Apples line cook

"Because it’s fair and interesting place to work, I am allowed to give me all and excel to my fullest potential and move up and grow as an individual."

Kevin Hill, Applebee's, Bartender

Kevin Hill Totowa Apples Bar

"I have been with the company for almost five years and what I like about the job is the people I work with and learning new things every day."


Miguel Marrero, Panera Bread, Brooklyn/Queens NY


“Joining Doherty/Panera Bread has been an awesome experience, great training as well as the opportunities the company has to offer.”


Chris Robinson, Applebee's, Florida

Torusunto Robinson

“Doherty breeds a culture of winning and I want to be on the winning team.”

Chris Wilk, Applebee's, Florida

Chris Wilk

“I love working for Doherty because I believe in Ed and that he cares about his team. Also, getting to be involved in community events to help others is an amazing feeling. Great company!”

Leah Besce, Applebee's, Florida

 Leah Besce

"I have been with Applebee’s nine (9) years. I really enjoy the fun family like environment. Doherty is a great company to work for because the really so care a lot about their employees."



Rob Force, Applebee's, Florida


"I love working for Doherty for many reasons. I have never worked for an employer who does as much for its employees and the community. I have tremendous respect for the Leadership because they always do what they say. It is refreshing to work for a large company with small company values."

Dennis Perry, Applebee's, Florida

Dennis Perry
"I have been working for Doherty for 4 ½ years and with Applebee’s for a total of 10 years. I have been very fortunate to work for this great company. Doherty has treated me great and I could not be happier!"


Jessica Romee, Applebee's, Florida


"I have been working at Doherty Applebee’s for two years. I like the stability and option to grow within the company."

Jimmy Golladay, Applebee's, Florida

Jimmy Golladay

"In the last four years with Doherty I am continually blown away at everyone’s commitment to “WOW”. The vision that has been established is shown not just in words but also in actions."


James Ammarita, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

James Ammarita 002

"I started working with Doherty/Panera Bread in 2016 as a bake, I moved up to a Supervisor and today I am a Manager! I love the family environment and hospitality of the company."

Millie Herrera, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


I started working for Panera October 2, 2013. I first started as a line opener in a brand new store. I loved learning all the different positions Panera offered. I just love learning the whys behind everything. Since starting, I have worked to become a manager and hope to be a GM in the next couple of years. One thing I love about Panera is the atmosphere, how every store is so welcoming.

Vee Ratliff, Applebees, Kingsland Georgia


I just started working at Applebee's Kingsland three weeks ago and l love the energy of being in the restaurant.  I am the Hostess with the Mostess!  At our restaurant and love being the first person to greet our guests walking through the door!  My Co-workers are great and welcomed me to the team.    


Stephanie Foley, Panera Bread, Long Island, NY


“I enjoy working for Panera Bread because I have the opportunity to constantly meet new people. I get to connect & engage with them and make a positive impact on their day.”


Steven Sheppard, Applebee’s, Long Island NY

 Steven 003

“I really enjoy making the guests smile and making their day."

Leandry Vasquez, Applebee’s, Long Island NY


“I like working at Applebee’s because you make bonds and friendships with the employees."

Danielle Rivera, Spuntino Wine Bar, Long Island NY

 Danielle Spuntino

“I love working at Spuntino. Everyone at Spuntino makes me feel welcome. It’s a great environment to work”


Nicholas Calabro, Spuntino Wine Bar, Long Island NY


One of the biggest reasons I enjoy working at Spuntino is being able to have the opportunity to work with a talented, inspiring, and friendly team. Everyone gives his or her 100% when they are working and we all support one another no matter how busy and intense a shift gets. I feel confident that no matter what happens, I can rely on my co-workers to have my back, day in and day out.

Ryan Singh, Applebee's, Florida


"I love working at Applebee’s because the staff and management are amazing. We are like a family which is a work experience I have never had before."


Mike Lordi, Applebee’s, New Jersey


"I have been with Applebee’s for 17 years. It is a company that promotes from within and gives all their people the opportunity to grow their careers. The company is flexible with College Students and their availability. Overall, a positive work environment that cares about their people."

Rafael Rivera, Applebee’s, New Jersey


"I have been working with Applebee's for over 17 years, I love the people!"

Eddie Pureco, Applebee’s, New Jersey


"I have been with the company 20 years. What I like about working here is the many people you meet. I have made quite a few friends."

Francisco Albarran, Applebee's, New Jersey


I love the people I work with! It is a great work environment. I have been with Doherty for 8 years.

Kay – Jay Njoku, Applebee’s, New Jersey

 kAY jAY

"Applebee's is a great place to make friends and a fun working experience. There are also great opportunities to learn about the service industry."

Dominique Graham, Applebee's, Florida


"After coming to Doherty Applebee’s from another company I was amazed at the family I had joined. Attitudes are positive and everyone works together as a solid team. Our Management Team is wonderful and I am very happy to be part of this Doherty Applebee’s Team."


Jamaine Hampton, Applebee's, Long Island NY

jamaine 2 002

"I just started working at Doherty and so far I have seen a keen organizational structure, a great support system with the training and development program, and they are a company that really cares about their employees."


Travis Green, Applebee's, Long Island NY

Travis Green

“Doherty gives you the best opportunity for growth. This is my first job and now I am the Kitchen Manager in charge of a successful restaurant!”


Grace Tomasini, Panera Bread, Long Island NY

 Grace photo

“Working at Panera for 2 years has been some of the happiest years I’ve had. The people I’ve met and the fun I’ve had is such a treasure.”


Tyler Simon, Applebee's, Long Island NY

 Tyler 1

“Applebee’s is a great work experience. They are always willing to teach and help and grow and develop. There is always room to grow and they allow you the opportunity to rise through the ranks. It is a nice feeling to know I have the opportunities to go higher. And it’s reassuring to know they want to see me grow and succeed, and that they will help to do so however they can.”


Laura Giannakopolous, Applebee’s, Long Island NY

 laura g 2

“Applebee’s is a great place to everyone who is within the company and great to everyone coming in from the outside. They are great with training and giving you the best opportunity to learn and grow to become even better! I’m very excited that I have the opportunity to be here and learn the Applebee’s way!”


Dan Regan, Applebee's, Florida

 Dan Regan Testa

"I have worked for Applebee’s for over 20 years. I started as an hourly employee and came up through the system to Manager. During my time with Doherty I have been given the opportunity to grow successfully within the company. I admire Doherty for that as the company has set the highest standards of food quality and guest service I have seen during my time with Applebee’s."


Rukaya Hamadama – Shift Supervisor, Panera Bread, Queens NY


“I love the friendly atmosphere. How everyone becomes close friends and the people in the store end up like family.”

Kristen Bragman -Manager,Panera Bread, Queens NY


“The best part of working for Panera is the people. We are not only a team, we are an extended family.”


Lauren Neuwirth-Trainer, Panera Bread, Long Island NY


“I enjoy working at Panera Bread because it is a great work environment with great people!”