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Bryan joined Doherty in 2015 as an MIT. After graduating MIT, Bryan kicked off his management career at our Fort Pierce Applebee’s

Bryan’s competitive nature goes far beyond his normal conditioning for Iron Man and Spartan marathon training. He brings that same hustle and drive to each and every shift. Bryan has proven that he can take charge and lead a team with high standards. He has built great relationships with his team and has proven to be a ‘go-to manager’ when it comes to personal development.

Bryan is both organized, goal driven, and an out of the box thinker. These attributes have led to his success as acting Kitchen Manager in Port St. Lucie. Bryan is instrumental in Steak Training, a program that is unique to Port St. Lucie. He has been committed to Doherty’s principles of WOWing his team, leaders, and guests.

Please join us in congratulating Bryan on his promotion to Kitchen Manager. We wish him continued success!