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Joni joined the Doherty team in 2015 as a MIT at our Hicksville Panera. After graduating MIT Joni joined our Walt Whitman team.

Throughout her time with Doherty, Joni has proven to be a leader and is a true asset to our company. She understands the importance of leading by example and being fair and consistent. Joni is friendly and encourages communication with her team members. She strives towards WOW-ing every guest, every time with a great experience and a great atmosphere. Joni makes an effort to make each of her guests feel comfortable when they enter the doors of her Panera location.

Adaptable and hard-working, Joni always leads her team by example. She is a take charge individual, motivator to her staff, and spec driven. Joni demonstrates an unwavering commitment to product quality and holds her team to the same standard.