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Melissa joined Doherty Enterprises in 2017 as an MIT.

Prior to joining Doherty Melissa spent several years working as a manager in a local Fort Myer’s restaurant called Boulevard Tavern. After graduating from our MIT program, Melissa became a service manager in our Naples restaurant. She immediately demonstrated a strong passion for service and training. With Melissa on the team, Naples managed to achieve the highest overall guest satisfaction score in Jesse Butler’s region in 2017.Additionally, under Melissa’s careful eye Naples received the highest level of TED usage hovering consistently in the high 40% range. She added the bar to her responsibilities. Melissa eagerly took on the challenge of increasing bar sales. She put together an education process for her servers supported by targeted contest that resulted in an increase in Q-4 2017 of 12.6% over prior year and Q-1 of 2018 of 6%.

Melissa has earned the trust and respect from her team through clear communication and consistency in policy and procedures. She is constantly working on creating and improving every guest’s experience and ensuring that they all enjoy a comfortable, fun atmosphere during their visit. Melissa has embraced her role as a brand ambassador and continues to drive her team to win and WOW.