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Bris joined the Doherty team in 2016 as an MIT. After graduating MIT he joined the Colonial management team.

Bris’ leadership was instrumental in supporting the Colonial restaurant during a period of significant management turnover in the Summer of 2016. As service manager he created and implemented a plan to improve Guest satisfaction at the store and improved Colonials Overall Satisfaction from 77% to 83.9 moving the store from last to first in his market for the second half of 2017.

Bris took the lead in closing and re-opening the store when hurricane Irma struck in September of 2017 since his GM was trapped in the New Jersey. In 2018 he transferred to Cape Coral to assume responsibility for their kitchen. Bris has established himself as a major part of the management team. He always displays an eagerness to improve the restaurant’s operations and, as a result, continues to grow himself. Best of luck in this newest chapter of life.