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Jeff joined the Doherty team as an hourly associate in July 2015 in the Hicksville café.

Jeff is a hard worker who made an immediate impact displaying a high level of ownership and dedication to the café. He quickly earned Trainer and Zone Leader status in Hicksville and was later promoted to Shift Supervisor in our Island Park café in December 2015. Following this promotion, Jeff was promoted to Manager in our Valley Stream café in May 2016.

Determined to grow and develop, Jeff is quick to anticipate and respond to each problem that occurs, leading to a WOW experience for guests in every situation. He has shown every characteristic of a true leader. Jeff takes the time to get to know the staff very well, allowing him to target their professional development. He has been the primary force behind most of the training in the café; thus developing a winning team that sticks together. Jeff is quick to step in and help resolve any employee disputes and is always fair in deciding outcomes.

Jeff also excels operationally. He takes strides to notice potential issue before they arise, comes up with a plan, and insures that the problem never happens. He is quick on his feet but purposeful in his decision making. Jeff’s detailed oriented nature has played a major role in the café’s success on the past three (3) eco sure audits.