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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Doherty:


"At the Mind Body Spirit Breakfast, I met a ton of women role models. One woman started her own candle business that is very successful. Another was an author and it was inspiring that she took her negative experience and turned it into a positive. These women helped me believe that anything is possible for a young girl like me." -Kayla R. '19

The 4th Annual Link Women's Committee Mind, Body and Spirit breakfast held on March 29, 2019 delivered a keynote speaker and workshops that inspired Kayla, the women who attended and the other young female Link Community Charter School scholars who joined them. Kayla's words demonstrate the impact opportunities such as this can have on Link students, exposing them to role models, such as entrepreneurs and authors, and helping them believe in the limitless potential they possess. 

Your generous support helped make the event a success and ensures Link Education Partners continues to deliver programs for Link students that inspire and equip them with the skills to realize their dreams. It is programming like this that educates the minds as much as it educates the hearts of the 296 young men and young women we serve each year.

Your donation makes certain we can launch scholars such as Kayla for future success. Thank you for supporting Link Education Partners and we look forward to your continued involvement.


With gratitude,

Maria Pilar Paradiso

Executive Director