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New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association


Dear Mike Veniziano,


Thank you for sponsoring the 5th Annual NJ ProStart Golf Classic! Our mission is to improve, professionalize, and develop the foodservice and hospitality industry through training programs, grants, and scholarships.

Our program has awarded hundreds of students with scholarships throughout the years as well as developed students into successful chefs and managers throughout our state. The NJ ProStart Program is comprised of over 2,000 students and in currently operating in 22 New Jersey High Schools. Your sponsorship has helped us continue to serve our local communities and our state by providing us with the support we need to help our future industry leaders.

As we continue to expand our programs to better the future of the foodservice and hospitality industry, we look forward to your continued support through donations, volunteerism, and attending events.

Thank you very much for your generosity and support for the NJREF.



Leslie Steele

Vice President